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For photo/film, we charge 20 for a full day & 12 for a half day, and post-production from the photo/film opportunities is included.

All other data time, such as building websites, we charge SEK 1,000 per hour.


We also have a plan in the form of a subscription where, depending on the scope, the customer settles on a level that feels reasonable.

We have 2 levels of the subscription. 6 & 10 a month.

For 6, a half-day of shooting/filming per month is included.

For 10, a full day is included and then website work and help with social feeds are also included.

All post production is included in the price for both forms.

The subscription form extends for at least 6 months and is thereafter continuous until it is terminated.

For example, you can start with 10 when you have a lot to do and then go down to 6 to entertain, or maybe even move to individual occasions. There is a 3-month notice period for the subscription, so it is important that you review the form 3 months into the subscription and decide whether to continue or not.

Gothenburg, December 13th, 2022

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