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Over the years, we have helped hundreds of companies increase their online presence and engagement.

Here are 3 of the latest ones:

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Brasso is one of Gothenburg's major ventures. Crazy lively brasserie with many different environments and a large menu. We wanted to spin on the crazy, bouncy bit and add an arty feel to the page with images that stand out. At the same time, we wanted the page to feel serious and we put a lot of focus into making the visual language mix such different expressions.


The page is largely based solely on good content in the form of pictures and videos that really stand out. A lot of energy went into creating the food menus so that they would both look exactly like the physical menus and at the same time be responsive


Coco Orangerie is a concept that has many legs to stand on. They have different types of guests who come at different times and for different purposes. We want to make it easy for the guest to quickly get to the part that interests him or her the most. The restaurant is one of Gothenburg's finest restaurants and we want the website to reflect this.


Very easy to navigate, even though the page contains a lot of different things. Pictures and film are neatly woven into the restaurant's graphic profile.


Pivo is a very important customer of ours with whom we have worked for almost a decade. The restaurant has gone on a journey from being a Central European restaurant to becoming a purely farmed game restaurant. We want to create a website that breathes nature and sustainability and at the same time be a pub in the heart of the city. We provide Pivo with all content.


The dull dark green theme is perfect for all content on the page. Everything pops and everything looks good and nice. The page is extremely easy to navigate and you get directly to the table reservation in one click, which is super important for restaurants.


Dooman is a company that builds garages and security solutions. They are often aimed at large customers such as municipalities. We wanted the page to be just right. Feels just the right amount of modern with the right amount of finesse and functions. It was important that the visitor to the website can quickly navigate as Dooman has many different products.


There is good flow in the page. Although there are many products, the site does not lose focus on Dooman's main product. Even though Dooman themselves provided us with images of poorer quality, they are woven into the page's design in a neat way.


Carbon is one of the absolute best restaurants in Gothenburg. We wanted the website to reflect the level of ambition of the restaurant without scaring away guests. Every time the menu is changed for the restaurant, we are on site and film & photograph. Carbon is an overall project where our mission is to produce all the material for them.


It has very well crafted images and videos. For example, we filmed down in Portugal when the innkeeper made his own port wine. Another strength is that the page is dynamic and changes appearance with each menu change.

But in order to create a successful and user-friendly website that attracts visitors and converts them into customers, it is crucial that everything starts with a well-thought-out and effective strategy.

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