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The art of food is a captivating and multi-faceted subject that has the power to bring people together and inspire creativity. From the intricate plating of a Michelin-starred dish to the humble, home-cooked meal shared with loved ones, food has the ability to evoke emotion and tell a story.

As a food photographer, I am constantly inspired by the endless possibilities of the art of food. Whether I'm working with a professional chef to capture the beauty of their culinary creations or collaborating with a food blogger to showcase their unique recipes, each project presents an opportunity to tell a story and celebrate the art of food.

But the art of food is not just limited to the dishes we eat. It also encompasses the way we source, prepare, and consume our food. From sustainable farming practices to food waste reduction, there are so many ways that we can use food to make a positive impact on the world.

So let's celebrate the art of food in all its forms. Whether through stunning imagery or mindful practices, let's embrace the power of food to inspire, nourish, and bring people together.

Fotografering till reklamkampanj för energidrycken Enat

Start & Analysis

Based on our experience from many successful client collaborations, we can conclude that this stage is most likely the most important for achieving an optimal result.


Where are you currently positioned in the market, what activities are you working on, and what goals and future plans do you have? In a current situation analysis, we will review your brand and offerings, upcoming needs, challenges, and business plans for the future together.

The Brand in Focus

A well-developed brand strategy is crucial if you want to create a strong and recognizable brand identity. By clearly and consistently packaging your brand, you increase customer loyalty and trust, which in turn leads to long-lasting and enduring success.

With a lasting strategy, you ensure that you get the most out of your marketing materials, and you can plan with precision how, where, and when to use them. For example, to create a company presentation, produce a website, design product sheets, or for use on social networks such as newsletters, LinkedIn, or Facebook, to name a few examples.

Resilient Roadmap

With as much information as possible on the table regarding the current situation and future plans, we can much more easily assess which actions and activities are most suitable for your business. We set goals and sub-goals, clearly define the purpose and expected results of the project. Project scope, timeline, resources, who does what and when, potential risks, communication in the project, quality and evaluation protocols.

By including these elements in the assignment, we ensure that the work proceeds smoothly, the goals are met, and the results meet expectations.

Quality, Responsibility, and Holistic Approach

Most of our clients work according to some form of Quality & Environmental Management System, whether it is ISO or another industry directive. Regardless of which one, we adapt our collaboration to follow the existing guidelines.

Achieving success with this type of project is based on cooperation and a high level of commitment from all parties. Once we know who is responsible for what, when, and how, we determine the allocation of responsibilities and establish routines for communication throughout the project.

Putting Plans into Action

Once the above components and resources are in place, the fun begins, and we get started. We work according to the established plan and do so with transparency.


If and when any problems or challenges arise, we address them as efficiently as possible. In our assignment, there is nothing that cannot be resolved; it's all about commitment, insight, and hard work.

Wrapping Up - A Launchpad for Continued Success

It is both important and obvious that you as a customer feel that your expectations have been met and that the set goals have been achieved. We avoid bureaucratizing our collaborations, but when closing and handing over, we go through the project using a carefully prepared quality control process, following a step-by-step protocol.

Where documentation is desired or required, we have the right tools. For example, it may involve intangible assets such as domain rights, trademark registration, and agreements, as well as educational materials and guidelines.

What is very positive is that the majority of the various collaboration projects we have with our clients often lead to new fruitful collaborations. This is what we call long-term partnerships.

Successful projects

begin with a well-thought-out


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