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Plåtng och flmnin av lanseringen av Volvo V60
Fotografering av ny meny på restaurang Meet. Grillat kött.

Duni's designer talks about her products


The art of food is a captivating and multi-faceted subject that has the power to bring people together and inspire creativity. From the intricate plating of a Michelin-starred dish to the humble, home-cooked meal shared with loved ones, food has the ability to evoke emotion and tell a story.

As a food photographer, I am constantly inspired by the endless possibilities of the art of food. Whether I'm working with a professional chef to capture the beauty of their culinary creations or collaborating with a food blogger to showcase their unique recipes, each project presents an opportunity to tell a story and celebrate the art of food.

But the art of food is not just limited to the dishes we eat. It also encompasses the way we source, prepare, and consume our food. From sustainable farming practices to food waste reduction, there are so many ways that we can use food to make a positive impact on the world.

So let's celebrate the art of food in all its forms. Whether through stunning imagery or mindful practices, let's embrace the power of food to inspire, nourish, and bring people together.

Fotografering till reklamkampanj för energidrycken Enat
Julius anordnade ett event ute i Billdal som filmades och fotograferades
Reklamflm och reklamfoto för Kacthing telefonbolag. Filmade tillsammans med Miami agency / Bulldog Media

Göteborg film filmar och fotograferar

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