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Prices for Photo/Film Services

Our aim is to make photography and film production accessible without excessive costs.

Our clients only pay for the production hours. All post-production work, including tailoring the right material for various platforms, is included.

All rights to the material belong to the client, who can use it exactly as they wish.

Full Day

ca 8 hours


Half a Day

Ca 4 hours


Hourly Rate

First hour 4000


Travel cost - SEK 750 / hour for travel outside Gothenburg

In addition to our one-time fee, we offer a special service for certain clients: a tailor-made subscription service. This subscription is ideal for businesses in need of regular updates to their content on websites, social media, and similar platforms. Through this subscription, we can provide a continuous flow of high-quality material, customized to meet the unique needs and profile of each individual business, ensuring they are always up-to-date for a fixed monthly cost. The most common prices for these services range between 6000 & 10000 per month. At 6,000, a half day per month is included and at 10,000, a full day per month is included.

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