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Quote for Photo and Film Production

I am truly looking forward to collaborating with you, capturing exquisite films and photos of Quinta do Vallado's beautiful vineyards and hotels. The passion of your estate, combined with its storied history, gives us an open goal to make truly amazing content.

I am looking for a long term collaboration. So I suggest that I come over the seasons and gather as much material as possible. Each visit will be scheduled to allow for 2 full days of uninterrupted production. To ensure maximum efficiency, I will arrive the night before our scheduled production days.


Throughout my  visits, I aim to capture the essence of Vallado across changing seasons. From budding vines in spring to the vibrant colors of harvest, our collaborative approach ensures every shot resonates with Vallado's ethos. This collaboration begins well in advance of each visit with detailed storyboard sessions, aligning our vision to showcase both the art and science of winemaking at Vallado.

Below, please find three tailored pricing suggestions for your consideration.

Billdal, 14 oktober, 2023

4 times each year

8 production days

€600 a month

3 times each year

6 production days

€500 a month

2 times each year

4 production days

€400 a month

My commitment extends beyond just the shoot. Everything is included, from post-production to refining films to developing reels, assisting with website visuals to all post-production of all photographs etc. There are no hidden fees; everything from as mentioned post-production work to content creation is encompassed within my fee. The only additional cost added is travel costs.

On the last visit we sit down and evaluate our cooperation to decide if we continue or not.

Quinta do Vallado stands as a testament to time, tradition, and taste. I'm enthusiastic about the idea of capturing its essence and being a part of telling its story though pictures and films.


Awaiting our potential collaboration with anticipation.

All the best

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